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Trendy Summer Essentials – Sunglasses with Hidesign

Sunglasses are as essential as your bottle of water in this unforgiving heat and thus we have, in association with Hidesign, brought to light these 4 trends that are in this season. Sunglasses ought to suit your face frame and thus we have selected 4 versatile styles to help you find your best look!

1) The Traveller

These frames are perfect for the traveller in you. It is compact and versatile. Suitable for almost all face structures but will essentially bring out the charm of smaller structures. So diamond, oval and heart shaped facial structures will be most compatible for this style. Men who just can’t pull off the giant frames, that’s because you need a frame that is face appropriate and this is just that! The shape is your classic wayfarer with mildly curved edges rather than sharp rectangular cut. It will go well with all your attires from leather jacket to shirts. But it is more inclined towards a casual look. These frames are perfect for the mature and sincere look.

Hidesign has the Hawaii Black Gun which adds more spunk to your casual sunglasses with the help of the classic hidesign leather. The look is cool and casual. It is great for formal events especially dates and even office parties! The best part is that you do not find leather especially in such a range! The leather detail on the side is sure to be a great conversation starter and bring you in several compliments. It is pocket friendly yet spunky with a hint of class cutting edge!

2) The Adventurer

This is for the risk taker, the cool guy on the bike who lives on his terms. The shape is pretty much such too. It can be most closely associated to a square shape with strategic soft edges. It is great for almost all face structures. But it is not for you if you have a smaller face. These sunglasses are really hot in fashion and will grab all the attention simply by its uniqueness of style.

The Hidesign Bermuda Black just hit the bulls eye in matter of style statement. To complement the cool shape, these have artistic stripes on the side which adds more character to your sunglasses. Apart from being pocket friendly and extremely trendy, you get these babies even in shade Havana. Havana is much more feisty as compared to black. These frames are purely casual only. They strengthen your biker image!

3) The Trend Setter

Trend is synonymous to wayfarers, in field on sunglasses. Wayfarers are truly cool yet classy. Comfortable and protective along with being high on fashion! Men with smaller faces who wish to glamorize your look, these babies are for you. Oval and heart shaped faces go really well with wayfarers. They also do justice to round faces to a large extent. These frames are very high and fashion and also a much more mature style. They are great for all your formal events and age appropriate for all.

The Fiji created by Hidesign is the perfect wayfarer for all your trend setting. Fiji in shade Havana is fire. These frames are so ho in fashion, it is almost a necessity to own one and in the price range offered by Hidesign, almost too good to be true. Fiji is also available in black, but you must go all out and opt for the Havana. They are definitely spunkier!

4) Summer 2016

This aviator style is so summer 2016! It is fresh off the ramp walks and a must have for all men this summer. Aviators, as we all know, are suitable for all face structures but they surely turn up the charm by several notches for men with stronger jawlines. If you have an edgier face structure like heart or diamond, this shape is going to bring out the best in you. They are also a savior for the round faces who find it difficult to get the right look!

The Hidesign Jamaica Grey and Gold are exactly what you need. Jamaica gold has much more zing and is the show stopper. These frames are gorgeous even when not on your face! The shade is flawlessly mesmerizing and the USP is the wood finishing. You know it’s Hidesign when you find detailing to even the material used for manufacture! You are sure to be in a state of shock once you get to know the cost of these bombs!

More about the Brand:

This blog is inspired from the classy and trendy collection created by Hidesign. If quality, style and pocket friendly prices are not enough incentives for you, here is why you need Hidesign!

There is no better way to turn up your style quotient than with a pair of really classy sunglasses! Even your t-shirt and denim look is effectively elevated with the right pair of frames. Hidesign offers a wide variety of frames for all face shapes and sizes. You can always rely on the quality that is synonymous with the brand name. These sunglasses are all made with Acetate, obtained from wood fiber. Acetate is a high quality material used in luxury sunglasses (unlike cheap plastic frames). These are all hand polished. Also the leather used is as flawless as any other hidesign product made with exclusive vegetable tanned leathers as well as exotic quality. The leather is added in the detailing significantly elevating your style quotient! These frames are truly conversation starters.

Hidesign not only offers you the latest styles, but it also provides UV protection (UVA and UVB), because let’s face it, it has to be protective. They are all Polarized which is pretty much impossible in this range thus making this collection a STEAL! You do need your sunglasses to be light weight, detailed and protective. Finding the stylish and protective quality sunglasses in this range is absolutely a task! We all need more of Hidesign in our wardrobe!

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