6 Shoes That May Hurt Your Feet

A bad hair day does not wreck as much of a havoc as a bad shoe day. Not only do the wrong shoes hurt your feet and cause pain all through the day, they also possess the ability to not let your feet recover from their tortes soon.

Bad shoes not only slow you down, cause you to walk differently and make you feel disbanlanced, they can cause serious harm to your feet and posture. Without proper support and cushioning you may well be looking at long and painful days of foot cramps, blisters, aches, sprains, fractures and in serious cases osteoarthritis and posture issues.

New shoes also cause some of the above problems like blisters and aches but that is only in the initial phase when you are breaking into them. They are not the real culprit here, the real culprit are bad shoes or rather badly designed ones.

So I have listed the 6 type of shoes that one should be very careful of because more often than not some minor or major flaw in their design or fabric sets off a chain reaction that end in you experiencing pain.

Here are a list of 6 Shoes That may Hurt Your Feet

1. Flip Flops/Sandals:

Generally worn in the summers, sandals or flip flops offers great freedom of movement to its wearer but what it lacks is proper support. Most Flip flops are not built to provide the proper support needed by the feet thus causing the heel to ache or the ankle to sprain. A smart solution will be to buy only those flip flops and sandals that are designed properly so that they properly support your feet and keep them in place.

2. Athletic Shoes:

Many of you will be confused seeing the athletic sneakers in this list. The problem many a times is not with the shoes but with the person purchasing it. Athletic shoes are designed for specific sports for specific purposes. If you wear the sneakers designed for walking for running and the one’s designed for running to the gym, then you are defeating the purpose of the shoe’s careful design and technology. You are making yourself more susceptible to osteoarthritis and posture issues. Make sure you meet the proper footwear requirement for the sport or activity you are engaging in.

3. Converse Sneakers:

The Converse Sneakers are a rage and almost everyone owns one. Knowing that these shoes too have issues might be a real shocker for some of you. I agree that converse sneakers offer cushioning and come with the shock absorption feature but the foot bed is totally flat. This causes your feet to experience pain in the ankles and the heels. A simple solution to this problem is to get a pair of Converse sneakers that come with an insert. An insert is like extra support layer, a sole that molds itself to your feet.

4. Shoes that do not fit:

I do not understand why someone would have to be told to abstain from doing this. If the shoe does not fit you please do not wear them. It causes your toes to ache, your feet to swell, your heel to ache and your foot becoming weak and susceptible to sprains and fractures. Why would someone pretend to be so ignorant and knowingly make this mistake is something incomprehensible to me.

5. Sheepskin Shoes:

These shoes are for those people who live in colder places and need to keep their feet warm. While sheepskin shoes are comfortable and warm, they are also the cause of fungal infections and fungal build up in the feet. So please avoid them.

6. Rain Boots:

Rain boots are made to overcome the rains and hence are manufactured from thick, sturdy and non breathable material. A non breathable fabric and some ready moisture due to the rains form the breeding ground for bacteria, virus, molds, and fungus.

So be an aware and smart shopper when it comes to shoes. A small and wise decision paves the way for a long term benefits and reduced risks in the future.



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