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3 Leather Suspender Look For Men To Elevate Their Style Quotient

Sexy Leather Suspender Looks

Leather suspenders are your go to style if you wish to raise your style game with the convenience of a flick of a wand. This will never go out of style and let’s face it, leather makes everything sexier! Leather suspender should be in a shade of brown because that is where you can actually identify the style element.

Rugged and casual

This style is for the lumber-sexuals aka the men with the checked shirt, strong beard and hot body. The leather suspenders are the perfect addition to your sex appeal. They prove to be the most ideal companion to your brown leather boots and brown leather belt. It is the most aggressively charming version of yourself that you can ever achieve with the strong aroma of ruggedness. This style statement will put you right back in the center of all attention and make you talk of the town!

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The playful formal look

Formal is considered a rather dry style but is yet very sexy because of the mature and professional look. The uptight and disciplined style is irresistible. You can now combine your formal look with a sexy brown or black Leather Suspender and let the magic begin. because it is leather, this look is no longer a formal look and you may also replace the dress shirt with a casual denim or just a plain casual shirt. Complete your look with formal leather brogues or derbies that fall in the same shade card as your suspenders for the most interesting style statement!

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The thin suspenders

This is the third style statement with them Leather Suspender and it is truly the most interesting style. This look is very unique and also right out of your wardrobe. For this style, you need very thin suspenders. This is a new rage in the world of suspenders and we are surely not complaining. It can be paired with a casual plain t-shirt and formal trousers with brogues or oxfords. Another variation is a casual t-shirt and casual trousers or preferably chinos and brogues. This look is great for young college goers and you can complete the style with another additional accessory like a smart hat or a cool pompadour!

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