5 Tricks To Make Old Shoes Look New Again

Shoes can make or break any look. Just imagine, Daniel Craig as James Bond is stepping in to play the high stakes poker game, ready to take on Le Chiffre, dressed in an impeccable, elegant and tailored suit. Looking absolutely dreamy! But when you look at his feet you see him wearing Kolhapuri chappals! Even Daniel Craig can not pull that one off. You will hear the sound of your imagination crashing to shards. So here are some Shoe Hacks that you ought to know – An article exclusively for .

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Our shoes are the one item in our wardrobe that tend to get soiled and dirty frequently. Apart from that constant use also causes wear and tear. Shoes are also one of the few items in our wardrobe that we should never buy cheap or compromise on quality. What seems to be cheaper now may have expensive after effects in the long run. Wrong quality and design can hamper our posture and cause serious issues. Thus it is always advisable to buy shoes which have a good quality, a perfect shape and are comfortable on your feet.

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Since we invest in shoes, it only makes sense to treat them well and look after them from time to time so that you get your value for money. Because no matter how expensive your shoes are if you do not know how to clean and stash them, they will die an untimely death. So we bring to you 5 simple hacks for maintaining and cleaning your shoes.

1. Polish your leather shoes carefully with a soft cloth. Please use a leather shoe polish. If you have black shoes then use the shoe polish specifically meant for black leather shoes. Do not try to use the black shoe polish for brown or vice versa. Brush out the dirt first and then apply the polish

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2. Suede shoes require more care because they can not be polished like leather. Invest in a good quality protective suede spray. Also get a suede eraser and brush for maintaining your shoes.

3. When your leather sneakers get messed up you can use a nail polish remover to wipe them clean. For canvas try a mixture of lemon juice and water to remove stains.

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4. But for Shoe Hacks for cleaning canvas shoes, my advice is not to put them in the washing machine, instead to hand wash them using only shampoo and water.

5. When your shoes get wet, like it often happens in the monsoons, crumple up some pages from an old newspaper and stuff your shoes with them. Place them in an area with natural sunlight and allow them to dry naturally. Do not try to apply any kind of artificial heat in the form of dryers or any other appliance.

Putting your best foot forward is no longer an issue!

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