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A Simple Guide On Styling Your Lapel Pins The Correct Way!

Lapel Pin – Intro And Guide

The lapel pin is basically an accessory that adds fancy to your suited look. It is usually in the form of a small flower or other such design. This is a style that has also been borrowed from the past along with the tie pin. It is a vintage look and goes very well with any blazer as well as suit. Lapel pin is the new pocket square.

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With the fashion world getting smaller and smaller many men have got into the habit of improving their looks constantly by adding wonderful accessories to their look. The pocket squares as well as the tie pin and the bow tie I have all been added to the looks of most men around the globe. You can add a little bit of extra Charisma and Charm by opting for something unique and interesting with the lapel pin. Go for designs that are elegant and smart rather than loud and to bright.

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