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Men’s Styling Tips – Going Sockless With Confidence

As the days start to lengthen and the rains turn to spring, it’s important not to sacrifice style for comfort, particularly when it comes to your footwear. If the change in heat is getting to you, maybe it’s time that you embraced sockless style. Here’s how to do it right:

With no socks to share the spotlight, your shoes need to stand on their own. Beginners can’t go wrong with a classic loafer. It’s the easiest shoe to sport sockless, and it’ll look stylish in plenty of situations. Other slip-ons, like driving shoes and moccasins, plus low-cut sneakers, are also easy to wear.


Before you step out sans socks, there’s some serious preparation to be done to keep your favourite loafers looking fresh and your paws sweetly scented. Feet will shed dead skin and sweat in the heat, so you’ll need to pay them some special care. And if you’ve got some time to kill, soak your feet in a footbath with one part white vinegar, two parts Listerine and two parts warm water to loosen up the skin before you scrub. And when it’s time to don your shoes, powder your feet and shoes with talcum to absorb moisture and keep sweat to a minimum.


By their nature some shoes will look much better than others when worn sockless. Your choice will portray your style, so if you’re new to the game keep it safe and stick to tried methods. Boat shoes love going sockless, and pair perfectly with chinos and a polo. Keep a jacket handy, swap them for loafers and you’re ready for the evening too. Espadrilles are your most casual option for an afternoon by the surf. Lightweight and breathable, they’re perfect with shorts and an open shirt. Don’t be afraid to swap the shorts for linen slacks and a jacket for the evening, especially if you’re dining on the beach.

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Some will raise an eyebrow at a sockless business suit, but all you need do is watch the runways, and you’ll see proof of their success. And a little hint of skin at the end of a trouser will bring style to your gait, so don’t be afraid to have that trouser hem cut a little higher.

Turn up the hems of a pair of white jeans with a vintage v neck and a blazer for an afternoon on the coffee strip, or lose the oxfords at your next cocktail ball and stride sockless across the ballroom. Trust me, you’ll turn heads.

Going sans-socks is a no-no with business attire and formal wear. Beyond that, feel free to experiment. Goodluck !


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