17 Quick Semi Formal & Casual Wear Style Tips To Dress Like A Pro!

It is sometimes really tricky to make a fashion judgement for casual wear. Simply because there are not necessarily set rules unlike formal wear. Here are some really interesting and important Semi Formal & Casual Wear Style Tips that will help you in making your decisions easily!

  • My readers already know that I detest baggy jeans. That has to be my first tip! No baggy and not even really skinny for guys with slim legs. Regular fit is the best as it compliments all body types and makes you look tall! Also it is most versatile. Especially when in a darker shade of blue.

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  • Don’t wear multiple rings. You need not accessorize like women. Your fingers aren’t made that way. One ring per hand is good enough for you. These Semi Formal & Casual Wear Style Tips will make you choose your rings wisely.
  • Black sports jacket is a really cool Semi Formal & Casual Wear Style and instantly lifts up your outfit even if paired with a plain t-shirt. Have at least one good sports blazer or sports jacket. But make sure you don’t buy a black sports jacket to pair up with a black pant (chinos or denims).

If this is confusing and you prefer a detailed article let me know in the comments below!

Leave a comment below if you wish to know what type of frame is perfect for your face shape!

  • Sunglasses should be taken off once you are inside. Wear frames if you wish to have something on your face.
  • Casual shirts are shorter. Not much longer than your belt-line. And often almost cut straight with curved sides. That is how you differentiate a casual shirt from a formal one.
  • Your belt and shoes should belong to the same family of color. E.g. dark brown belt with a lighter brown pair of shoes is just fine for your casual look! They need not be of the exact same color as in formals.

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  • Shorts should break around your knees. That is the perfect length for you. Feel free to fold it and get it stitched if you own a longer pair.

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  • If your t-shirt is too short, tuck it in and wear a smart and thick belt. Add a sports jacket if it’s a cold day.
  • Fancy brogues and loafers are really hot in fashion these days. Specially the full-winged brogues. They grab a lot of attention! A cool pair of canvas is another easy alternative to grab attention.

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  • If it isn’t formal, let the buttons of your jacket be open. That makes you look more approachable to the ladies. It also makes you look more confident!
  • If you have a shorter body structure, make sure your hairdo is more vertical. You can opt for a seeker hairdo if you are comfortable with your height and body structure.

  • Your hairstyle, spectacles and sunglasses depend on your face shape and structure of your jaw-line. Don’t be afraid to order online and let me know in the comments below if you need a simplified guide for the same!

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  • Try prints, they are in fashion. But don’t go over-board. A simple printed collar is also really cool. And if that’s not enough, try a printed shirt!

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  • Never forget to wear a smart watch! A watch is everything. Women love watches. And also swoon over folded sleeves. Learn how to roll a sleeve right. I have a detailed article about the same!

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