6 Must Have Accessories For Your Tux

When you are planning to go to a black tie event it is imperative to wear a tuxedo to keep up with the formality of the occasion. For a black tie event you ought to raise the bar. You cannot show up in a day suit or a blazer. It will create a negative impression. For events like these, you have to look suave and elegant.

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For an amateur I would recommend the Classic black tux. If you are not afraid to experiment a little, you can with even go for a colored tuxedo in hues such as navy blue, burgundy, or even try different prints especially on your jacket.

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Generally you can accessorize with a cummerbund, waistcoat, and oxfords. But we have come up with a list of accessories to add some edge and depth to your formal look.

Bow Tie

A simple rule to remember when you are selecting the bow tie is to match your bow tie with the lapel of your jacket. So a black bow tie with a black tuxedo. If your going for a colored tuxedo then select a bow tie which is monochrome. Bow ties are also a great start for experimenting with pattern serial.

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Cuff Links and Studs

Novices can start with silver and onyx cuff links. Otherwise you can go for counselling in some cool design, shape, color or texture.


The Cardinal rule wearing a tuxedo is to do away with the belt. In order to hold your trousers up you should try suspenders.

Pocket Square

A pocket square is one of my favorite accessories when styling a suit and Tuxedo. The fabric choices can be silk, linen or cotton. Some really great pocket square colors are red, navy blue, purple, green and burgundy. Don’t be afraid to try out some prints and patterns. It will brighten up your entire look.

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Dress Watch

A watch is one of those underrated accessories that can really take a look forward. A sleek and classic style of watch with a black band, that matches yours cuff links can add substance to your look. Even a pocket watch looks vintage and dapper. But please don’t wear both of them together.


A Boutonniere on the lapel is something else entirely. If you are not up for pocket squares, then add a Boutonniere or a lapel pin with a single flower to the lapel of your jacket.



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