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6 Must Have Coats For This Fall

What is fall without some cool jackets and coats. From where I come from, winters are never that cold. The temperatures remain high You have no idea how much I miss wearing and flaunting cool coats and jackets and how I envy those who are privileged enough to be residing in places with cool winters.

No there are dozens of styles and fabrics and colors to choose from. Each designer has his/her own line of fall essentials. With so many options you may feel overwhelmed and confused. So we at TheUnstitchd have put together a list of 6 must have coats this season. These are the most popular and trending styles, they are the peoples choice in coats this year and also approved by experts.

1.The Peacoat: Double Breasted, distinguished and dapper! You can experiment with a lot of looks with a Pea coat

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2.The Bomber Jacket: This is the ultimate military swag. The Bomber is one of the biggest trends this season. And why not, it looks hot, keeps you cozy, makes you look stylish and sexy and is hassle free.

3.The Field Jacket: Durable fabric with lots of pockets, the field jacket is practical and lightweight making it perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity

4.The Quilted Jacket: If you are living in a place where winters are really cold, then firstly I envy you and secondly quilted jackets go beyond being stylish. They are essential. Frost bites are no picnic!

5.The Blazer: A formal jacket for dinner with parents, yours or hers, a semi formal get together or a party. This is an investment, so go for quality.

6.The Shearling Jacket: A shearling coat is so cozy, its like wearing a blanket. They are slightly expensive but worth every penny., plus many faux jackets are also available. Shearling jackets make for a bold statement piece.