24 Amazing Accessories Men Must Know

accessories for men

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Accessories for men are an additional object for men’s clothing. It enhances their personality and character. Some accessories are worn for fashion statement while some are status symbol. Women find men wearing accessories, like bow ties, lapel pins very attractive. They make a simple looking dress fun or add color. Like a bright color pocket square will make a simple suit interesting and attractive.

best accessories for men

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24 accessories every man should have

1. Suspenders

Suspenders are type of belt worn over the shoulders to hold the trousers in place. They are generally worn in formal wear. Type x suspender are for casual wear whereas for formal wear type y is preferred.

2. Ties

Ties are worn by men around their neck. They are usually worn with a shirt. It can be part of your daily office wear or it can be for special occasions.

3. Bow Ties

Bow tie is generally worn as a fashion statement it is tied around the neck as a shoelace knot. It is worn with shirts for formal occasions like wedding.

4. Cravat

Cravat is what bowtie and necktie originated from. It is an original type of neckwear. At certain occasion open neck can be rude so men can wear cravat as its simple to wear. They are wrapped around the neck and tucked into the collar of the shirt.

5. Tie Pins

It’s a metal pin which makes sure the tie stays in place. Earlier tie pies where used to secure cravat. It’s worn for formal occasions.

6. Lapel Pins /Flowers

Lapel pin is worn on the lapel of the jacket or suit as an ornament. Lapel is the folded piece of cloth in front of a coat. The main purpose of lapel pin is fashion; it is worn as a style statement. But something they are worn to indicate wearers association with a particular organization.

7. Handkerchiefs

Handkerchief is small piece of cloth used for hygiene purpose for wiping ones hands face and noses. It is square in shape very thin fabric.

8. Pocket Squares

Pocket square is worn as a style statement. It should be folded inside the front pocket of your jacket. An important rule while matching your neckties with pocket square is that, they shouldn’t be exactly the same, but their colors should compliment each other.

9. Scarfs

Scarfs are piece of material wrapped around the neck. It can be worn as fashion and protection during winters. Scarfs are tied in many ways including necktie, loop, the ascot knot, the square knot, the cowboy knot.

10. Caps

Caps are head covering worn with casual wear. They are also worn on sunny day to avoid direct sunlight.

11. Hats

Hats used as a covering for head worn by men. It’s shaped covering. It’s worn as a style statement.

12. Beanies

It’s a type of a hat which is closely fitted. It is worn at the back of the head. It can be worn as a style and for protection in winters.

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13. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are worn to cover one’s eyes on a sunny day .they have tinted lenses. Men also wear them to make a style statement.

14. Glasses/ Specs

Glasses are worn by the people who have weak eyesight. They have special lenses which make their eyesight proper.

15. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an item of jewellery to fasten the cuff of the shirt. They are worn by men as style statement.

16. Belts

Belt is a strap of leather worn around the waist to make sure the pants do not fall off. It can also be used to hold weapons.

17. Bags

Bag is a container used by a person to store your belongings. It can be made from plastic, paper, cloth or leather. it comes in lots of different shapes and sizes.

18. Wallets

It’s a small foldable, bag used for carrying cash, credit and debit cards, etc. it is small in size so that is it convenient for men to carry them in their pocket.

19. Card Holders

It’s a type of a wallet used for holding debit card, credit cards or business cards.

20. Socks

Socks are a pair of cloth for one’s foot. They generally wore with shoes or boots. They are can worn under both formal and casual footwear. They are made of different materials like wool or cotton.

21. Gloves

It’s a fabric for covering hands. It has separate openings for each finger and thumbs. They used for protection of hands during cold weather or from dirt.

22. Umbrellas

Umbrella is made for protection from rain or snow. It has the shape of canopy which is attached to a mental rod. It is generally made up of plastic.

23. Rings

It’s an object worn on the finger generally made of precious stones. It’s an ornament exchanged by the bride and groom as token of their marriage. It’s in a shape of a circular band and is used as an accessory for style.

24. Earrings / Studs

Earrings are a piece of jewellery worn on the ear lopes. Ears are pierced in a particular part of the ear where one wants to wear earrings. It can be worn in one ear or as a pair in both the ears.


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