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Get Ready For A Stylish Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ever!

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot – Outfit Ideas, Photo Ideas, Images, Tips, Guide, Do’s & Don’ts

One of the best ways to cherish memories throughout your life is capturing them. Nowadays the most crazy and trendy Photo Shoot of all time is the Pre Photo Wedding Shoot as its rightly said to be the fun things about the wedding of course for the bride and the groom. I am not sure how much fun it is for the groom but definitely high for the bride! You must be having a constant worry – What should I wear For the Photo Shoot? Should I go for two outfits, one outfit, western, ethnic, indo western? There are endless options to choose from but if you want to look your best you should wisely.

Want to show what kind of bond and understanding you have a pre-wedding photo shoot is the best window for family, friend and others to see it. Your guests can experience a fun day with you through these photos. It may sound cheesy but is it very important part of your wedding and your future life as it is to show the world what you really are.

First of all you need to figure out which location you want your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot to be conducted and how the climate there is. Than you should figure out which poses you want to go for with your partner. Later comes the outfits that will give you picture perfect look. Do follow my tips to get your dream wedding photo books perfectly right.

Swing Dress for Prewedding photo Shoot

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Important keys to keep in mind for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

• Keep it classy.
• Take your photographers advice.
• Wear something fluttery.
• Play with colours.
• Coordinate with your partner.
• No checks and stripes. (except the big ones)
• Go for comfortable clothes.
• Pick the outfit according to the venue.
• Go for simple patterns and solid colours.
• Carry extra pair for safer side.
• Keep bags out of the picture.
• Blend in with the background for dreamy effect.
• Show off your style.
• Stand out with colour.

You can choose your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Outfit according to seasons as some of them go well during particular seasons. Here I would like to talk about three season’s Photo Shoot and the right outfit.

Do’s And Don’ts for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

  1. Do your research properly.
  2. Avoid try extremely different look.
  3. Plan your concept very well.
  4. Don’t neglect your partners wish, make sure you ask it.
  5. Try to pick the best or suitable time for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot.
  6. Don’t disregard the Fashion and Styling tips/hacks.
  7. Prepare for it prior and make sure your on time.
  8. Ask for approvals on your outfit, location or poses from the partner.
  9. Try to go for two or three outfits for some different looks.
  10. Avoid the pose your partner is not willing to go for.

Get Ready To Be The Cutest Couple Ever With These Amazing Outfit Ideas:

1. Summer Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

If you have planned for a photo shoot that is during hot summers please do dress accordingly and take advantage of the climate that will be your perfect picture. During summers we generally opt for shorts that give smart look but also keep you cool in warm days. Try to go for bright and vibrant colours that will enhance your photos. Your photographer will surely take long time to get your picture perfect shoot which can make you sweat and gain lot of discomfort while posing and smiling for the camera. Here I have some outfits you can go for:

Shorts for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Chinos for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

T-shirt for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

2. Monsoon Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Monsoon is always associated with love and romance; we have seen it many times in Bollywood movies. We all have grown up seeing the hero and heroine getting wet in rains and dancing on some romantic number. It is perfect Pre Wedding Season to portray your chemistry and romance through pictures. You can do wonders in rains! All you need is grab a good pair of outfit and use some props like umbrellas and jackets to add some more joy in your showers of love. Here I have some Outfits you can go for:

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in Shirt

pre weddind photo shoot in shirt

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Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in Blazer

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in Indo-Western

3. Winter Pre Wedding Photo Shoot:

No sweat, no wet mud in winters, it is one of the best seasons to carry out your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot. It is very comfortable to shoot in as you can move ahead with no discomfort from the climate. Winter mornings with little fog and few sun rays makes your background truly Picture perfect. You can walk in the park or go for beach shoot or yet another place of your choice. All you need to do is give awesome pose keeping in mind the climate and location. Here I have some Outfits you can go for:

Indian ethnic for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Suits for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Coats or Jackets for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Look through these simple couple photography ideas to be repeated and captured with your loved one.