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Outfit Ideas For Men To Complement Their Bride At An Engagement Ceremony

Engagement Ceremony Style Guide For Men – Images; Outfits For Groom, Relatives, Friends; Guide

Outfit Ideas For Men To Complement Their Bride At An Engagement Ceremony

Marriage is said to bind two hearts other than anything else, where two people come together and pledge to share every joy and sorrow together. Indian Marriages involve maximum rituals, vibrancy and traditions, that is absent in other marriages around the world. Engagement Ceremony is one of the Pre Wedding Ceremony where couples exchange rings with each other thus it is also known as the Ring Ceremony.

Every man who ever visualizes a dream wedding knows that his outfits have to be amazing. You probably will spend weeks walking through dozens of stores and poring through magazines looking for the Sherwani, Pathani and Dhoti Kurta! Wedding Nowadays has many functions and Engagement Ceremony is one of the most important ones. It’s the time when your guest gets to see you and your partner together for the very first time dressed in magnificence. Engagement is a function that helps you experiment with new styles and trend opposite to traditional outfit on your wedding day. I am here to guide and make your job easier. A countdown of the Indian Engagement Outfits that enclose both the modern and the traditional styles of groom wear are here.

Here Are Few Outfit Ideas For Men Who Visualize Dream Engagement Ceremony:

Men’s Outfit Idea For Own Engagement Ceremony

It’s your first wedding ceremony and I am sure you want to rock it with elegant and chic look. Well, first thing you need to do is figure out what your partner is wearing! Yes you heard me right, before bothering about your Outfit you should bother hers because you have to wear such an outfit that contrasts and compliments each other’s. If she opts for Lehenga, Gown or Saree try to wear some Royal and Traditional attire like Sherwani or indo-western outfits, try to go for the one which has good embroidery and nice colour contrast. Blazers and Suit pattern purely depends on your preference try some experiments like same colour combination with partner, good accessories like Lapel Pins, Pocket Square or Bow Tie. If she is wearing Indian Ethnic like try for Contrasting Dhoti Pants with good heavy embroidered border that will enhance your look as an individual and also as a couple and you can also go for same colour heavy worked Sherwani to Twin with her.

Men’s Outfit For Friend’s Engagement Ceremony

His awaited day is here! I am sure you want to add up more joy and happiness in your friend’s new life by your presence in Engagement ceremony. Well, now the confusion here comes what to wear? Firstly, you can’t over dress up because it’s not your special day, it’s His! Secondly you can’t under dress up because it’s your Friends Engagement come on. You should try to be simply dressed but with elegance and style. Go for Churidar Kurta as it the best traditional outfit option available other than Sherwani and Pathani. If you don’t want to stick to the traditional Outfit try some trendy and a fusion of both traditional and western culture. Try to go for Dhoti Pants and Kurta on it which will give you stylish look. Make sure your Bandhgala and Pajama colour is contrasting or of same colour as this will enhance your look.

Men’s Outfit Ideas For Relative’s Engagement Ceremony

I am sure you all must be waiting for this family celebration to enjoy and spend some time with them. We all have plans with relatives and cousins on how to make full of this wedding ceremonies. Well you must have planned surprises, parties, performances and what not! But what about the right outfit? Don’t worry here I have some suggestions for you, try to go for Kurta Pajama and a good Jacket(optional) over it to get elegant look with no extra efforts but make sure the colour contrast it good as it can make or break your look. Go for Jodhpuri Suit to keep it little low key compared to Blazers and Formal Suits. Pathani especially of contrasting colour and good embroidery that will help you get amazing look. You can go for Indo Western by pairing up with right jacket style dress. Keeping it too traditional and considering family function go for a Traditional Outfit this will impress the relatives noticing you! Thankfully they won’t get a hot topic to discuss a fashion disaster.

Thank You For Choosing Us To Be Your Style Guide For Engagement Ceremony!

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