The Professor Moustache and Beard Combos, Especially For Older Men

The Professor Moustache Styling And Beard Companions!

The professor moustache is a moustache style that is loud and thick as compared to several other moustache styles. This look is more so for the older men and requires a strong moustache growth.

While this style may not be to the liking of younger men, it is a good option for older men.

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The thick grizzly moustache does not require much maintenance or efforts on a regular basis. You may need to carry around a moustache comb just as a back up in case your moustache decides to act up but generally it is a very low maintenance style statement.

This style is very compatible with thicker beards like Verdi or ducktail but is also compatible with ducktail and even a van dyke. It will give you a unique style statement with every beard you combine with this moustache. The best aspect is that this is a unique style statement that is not a common look! So if you interested in trying something new and have crossed your late thirties then this may very well be the look for you! It is smart, sexy, dependable and effortless.

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