Gunslinger Vs. Handlebar : Moustache Wars

The Gunslinger and Handlebar Moustache are both thick moustache styles with curled up ends and still these are two completely different styles so what is the difference and what is the right style for you?

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The first difference is that the gunslinger is a much more laid back and relaxed style as compared to the handlebar moustache which basically means that the handlebar moustache requires much more efforts and perfection.

So in the same lines, you need more product for the handlebar moustache to ensure it maintains it shape and style throughout the day as well as you need to keep it well combed and perfectly trimmed. The gunslinger is a relaxed style wherein you may use some product just because it is also a thick style but not so much efforts!

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The final difference is that the handlebar is way more curved/curled up at the ends while the gunslinger is just mildly curled up.


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