Moustache Style Options That Can Be Pulled Off By Men With Scanty Facial Hair

What Are The Moustache Options For Men With Scanty Facial Hair?

Men with lack of moustache or facial hair in general often feel they should not opt for beards or moustaches at all but surely that is not true. These looks are also for the men that cannot really opt for stronger moustaches because they have a professional lifestyle to balance!

Here are several looks that can be pulled off by men with scanty hair growth –

So the first option you have is the ringo star moustache type. This is your basic moustache that’s barely just there. The main trick here is to ensure that the shape is precise and sharp. Another cool option is the martin luther king moustache which is even thinner than the ringo star thus making it all the more better option for you ensuring that your face is not big. This style is perfect for men with smaller face.

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George Michael, clark gable and johnny depp are also good fashion icons for you when it comes to moustaches because either by choice or dna they all share the same slim moustaches that will be very much compatible with your needs. You can also add in a goatee or a sole patch for a more interesting style statement.

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