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Man Bun Styles-Man Bun For Men With Short Hair

Men with short hair often face the issue of not being able to get on with the latest trends. Well, baby man bun for short hair is just the solution for you. Baby man bun sure sounds really a little demotivating but it is called so because it is a small bun. This style is a celebrity favorite with Leonardo Di Caprio also jumping on the bandwagon with this style!

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It comprises of a very tiny bun around the nape of your neck. It is right at the bottom because the hair length is obviously short and it will not be possible to have the bun any place else. Another trick is that this is not actually a bun but a half pony. You take a rubber band, twist once and then pull out only half of the tail out leaving behind the bun as in the picture. This is because it is not possible to make an actual full sized bun with such short hair.

The final look is just as charming and attractive. It is also a very neat style for men who do want a full grown bun but have to obviously start small. You may not be able to add in any braids that will go with this bun but it is a stand-alone style. You may use transparent hair elastic if you can actually find one but any other band will also do. It will be fairly visible so make sure it is not too tacky or bright. You may also want to check that it is not too thick because then you would not be able to handle such short hair!


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