Metamorphosis Of The Complete Man By Raymond Next

In the early days most of the apparel brands had one dimensional ideas when it came to product branding. The adverts designed by them focused on how great one would look sporting the apparel and usually had a guy, who after dressing up got the girl or the job of his dreams. Now, I see the appeal and agree it was a good start but most brands just stuck to this formula. And let me be honest, it got pretty boring and downright foolish sometimes. Yes, clothes make a man and help create a lasting impression but the employers and women are not that shallow.

I have always admired Raymond as a brand. It is stylish, comfortable, elegant and sophisticated. Raymond Next has taken the brand forward and made it versatile and multifaceted.  I checked out their website and it is bang on. The designs are refreshing and dynamic. The site is user friendly and has some really stylish looks and outfit ideas for creating ensembles that stand out. With so many great choices we can really wear our mind and show the world who we are and who we would like to be.

Thus I have come up with three looks: first is an ethnic look for the Indian Weddings, second is a smart formal look for work and third is a casual look for the weekends and days off.

1. Its December which means the start of the wedding season in India. For an Indian wedding, the most sophisticated and classy look is going traditional and sporting an ethnic look. Ceremonial Bandhgala with unique textures. If traditional is not the way you want to go the wear the jacket with a shirt and trousers. Pick festive hues or pastels but avoid patterns and go for solid colors. The jacket should be vibrant and may be solid or patterned. Even though a black slim fit jacket is versatile, avoid it because most Indians believe black to be inauspicious for weddings and festive occasions. Go for orange gold, maroon, navy blue, green and yellow instead. Add a pocket square to the jacket.

2. Work wear needs to be selected carefully. You not only have to make a good impression but ensure it is functional throughout the day and look suave and dapper. I prefer darker suits to lighter suits. A crisp button down shirt, a belt and a tie. The colors which are in this season are charcoal grey, navy blue, burgundy and forest green. If your work environment is slightly relaxed then go for a formal trousers and shirt combination. Please wear formal shoes with matching socks.

3. All work and no play makes for a rather dull guy. You need to balance the weekdays of long hours and hard work with leisure weekends for relaxation, partying and unwinding. A denims and t-shirt look for anything regular the weekend has to offer like movies or meeting friends. But if you are going clubbing or for a dinner date or dinner with friends then I suggest denims, casual shirt and a slim fit jacket. Denims and jacket look rad. You can select a shirt with patterns or prints but be subtle. Team it up with some loafers.

Check out the Raymond Next collection to create and try out the different looks mentioned above. And remember wear your mind and be confident. The right attitude can turn anything you wear in to a style statement!


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