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How To Style Your Beard In 5 Easy Steps

The most commonly asked questions remains to be – How to style your Beard or How to shape a beard? Well shaping a beard is easy and it is important to start with basics and practice your way to the top.

How to style your beard in 5 easy steps

1. You should start with a clean beard which basically means a nicely shampooed and well maintained beard which is trimmed at least every 3-4 days depending on your growth.

2. The washed and wet beard should then be combed using narrow teeth comb to understand the exact shape and also clear out knots.

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3. Shape your beard using a good quality trimmer and use a good razor to shave off the excess. Once you finish, don’t forget to use after shave for the clear areas and beard oil for your beard.

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4. Beard mousse or moustache oil can be used to add density and ensure that your beard remains put. For instance if you have a rounder face and wish to flatten your side burns you can use beard wax or mousse or moustache wax. Take some on your fingers and apply using pressure in a downward direction over your side burns. Beard mousse helps to not only style but also works like a hair spray without the chemicals and roughness.

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5. Final step is to maintain the beard by regular trimming and shaping with scissors. Also, experimenting as per your face structure.

I hope this answers your question of How to style your beard quickly


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