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How To Create Messy Bun – Straight, Wavy and Curly Hair Guide

The men with wavy hair are the true champions in case of messy bun. This is because messy bun is the most effortless style for men with wavy hair. All you need is the perfect haircut. Three deep layers should do the trick for men with shoulder length hair and the number of layers can be increased as the hair length increases. You just need an elastic and you are good to go for the perfect messy bun. For added effect you can mildly pull out some lose hair around the bun to make it appear messier.

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For men with straight hair, messy bun is a challenge. There is however a trick for you that will help your style loosen up. You need to start with the basic tip that you must not comb your hair before you get into the messy bun because the messier the better. Use a brush to get rid of the knots. Now, start by making a bun that is not too tight. Once the bun is ready, pull out the lose hair as you would even in case of wavy hair. The trick here is to also make the bun messier but after it is made. For this take your fingers and gently use both hands to loosen up your messy bun, then use your palm to press the bun against your head. this will make it messy for you. if you want to make it messier, tease your hair by back combing before you start making the bun

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For men with curls, lets face it, any bun is messy bun. This is sexy but it can also get inconvenient so although there is a trend for lose buns, you should opt for a tight one. This will keep your hair under control and sexiness is always in when you have luscious curls so that is effortless!

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