Handlebar Vs. Petit Handlebar: Moustache Wars

The handlebar moustaches is a style for mature men that involves a thickly grow moustache styled to perfection. However this style is a very mature look that may not be the cup of tea for all men. Thus we have a more modern and stylish version of the same look which is the petit handlebar moustache.

Petite basically means little or small in French and that is what this style is. It is a small handlebar moustache. While case of other styles a smaller or more modern version of any retro moustache does not really have a separate identity or name but this style does because it is the most popular moustache style that positively brought the moustaches back into fashion!

Apart from the size of the moustache, the other difference between Handlebar and Petit Handlebar Moustache, is that handlebar moustache is more of a casual style while the petit handlebar is also work place friendly. The petit handlebar does also gather more attention and compliments as compared to the handlebar and if you have a not so thick growth then this is the perfect style for you!


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