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15 Beard Styles That Will Turn Men Into Rugged Gentlemen

Best Beard Style- French Beard, Verdi Beard, Ducktail Beard, Bandholz Beard, Etc

Medium Beard Style-

1. Mutton Chop Beard Style:

Mutton chop beard style’s shape resembles the piece of chopped mutton when shaped or trimmed correctly. It is long sideburn connecting the mustache. It was in trend years ago but went out of trend few years back. Mutton chop beard style has made an amazing comeback as many celebrities started styling it for publicity events. It is quite difficult to get the perfect look at first but with regular shaping and trimming men can excel styling this beard style. Men go for mutton chop beard with or without mustache according to the preferences.

2. Verdi Beard Style:

Verdi beard style is one of the bold and ultra-masculine styles that are extremely popular amongst men across globe. It is basically a rounded beard from the end connecting to the mustache. In the style the mustache is at a disconnected to the beard. Verdi beard was originally inspired by Giuseppe Verdi during the 18th century. This beard style looks stunning on triangular face shape. The area where beard connects the mustache should be shaved off to get the perfect Verdi beard look.

3. Balbo Beard Style:

Balbo beard style falls under the category of inverted T beard styles. Here the cheeks are kept clean shaved apart from the side burns. The moustache can be kept of any type depending upon the preferences. It is style along with soul trap beard style and jawline facial hairs. Balbo beard is styled with 3 elements- the jawline facial hair, soul strap beard and moustache. If anyone element is missing men cannot style balbo beard perfectly. It looks stunning on all face shapes if styled correctly and carefully.

4. Chin Curtain Beard Style:

Chin curtain beard style runs through the jaw line to the chin connecting the other end of the face. It is similar to chin strap beard but here the difference is the chin curtain beard cover comparative area of the chin whereas the chin strap covers only a part of the chin. It can be styled along with many beard combinations like the French beard, goatee beard or mustache. Chin curtain beard looks great on diamond and oval shape faces. Men should shave off the neck and cheek hair to get this style perfectly.

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