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15 Beard Styles That Will Turn Men Into Rugged Gentlemen

Best Beard Style- French Beard, Verdi Beard, Ducktail Beard, Bandholz Beard, Etc


True beardsmen understands how important it is to grow facial hairs and also choosing the right beard styles. Going for the right style depends on various factors like the length, face shape, beard growth and most importantly will it look good when styled. Also many other factors can affect men’s bearded look like the hairstyle, skin tone and colour of the clothes. A beard style on wrong face shape or hairstyle can break the look instantly thus it’s very important to know about it deeper. Here this blog mentions best beard styles that men can choose from and also how to style it the right way.

Here are 15 Stunning Beard Styles That Men Should Try Out

1. Full Beard Style
2. Ducktail beard Style
3. Dutch Beard Style
4. Garibaldi Beard Style
5. Bandholz Beard Style
6. Yeard Beard Style
7. Stubble Beard Style
8. Soul Patch Beard Style
9. French Beard Style
10. Goatee Beard Style
11. Anchor Beard Style
12. Mutton Chop Beard Style
13. Verdi Beard Style
14. Balbo Beard Style
15. Chin Curtain Beard Style

Long Beard Styles-

1. Full Beard Style:

Full beard style is the beard style which is fully connected around the cheeks, chin, neck and sideburns. To get this look it’s very important to get the cheek and neck line trimmed properly. It is very difficult to get full beard style as many have patchy beards which needs proper grooming. Men should go for proper beard care to attain full beard style with the help of beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard wax and beard grooming kit. It is one of the classic beard styles for men.

2. Ducktail Beard Style:

Ducktail beard style is the most popular beard style of all time and also loved by men across countries. It is a simple and sophisticated one which looks like a duck’s tail. The facial hairs are pointed at the tips of the chin. This style looks great if combined with full beard. Rectangular, diamond, round and inverted triangle face shape can carry this style very well. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson and Ranveer Singh have also opted for this stunning style.

3. Dutch Beard Style:

Dutch beard style is one of the old school beard style as it is generally associated with lumberjack facial hairs. It is long beard without moustache connecting the sideburns and is flared at the bottom. All men have to do is let the beard grow fuller and shave off the moustache with beard trimmer or beard shaver. It is similar to other fuller beards but the only difference here is Dutch beard style have no moustache. It requires regular shaving or trimming to maintain the look.

4. Garibaldi Beard Style:

Garibaldi Beard style is a beard style that falls under the fuller beard category which is a combination of mustache and fuller rounded beard at the bottom. Here in this style the mustache is also kept thick and long. There is no special shape or trimming required to grow this type of beard as it depends on men’s beard growing speed. It gives very natural look which can be flaunted on any occasion formal or casual. Never let the beard look dry or ungroomed thus use beard grooming products when needed.

5. Bandholz Beard Style:

Bandholz Beard style is similar to Garibaldi beard but here the moustache is allowed to grow freely as long and thick it can which is restricted in Garibaldi beard. Basically it’s a fully grown mustache and beard that gives men strong look. Bondholz beard style looks amazing on all face shapes. But growing this beard style is extremely difficult as it needs proper beard grooming with right beard products according to the facial hair type. Men should always avoid over doing it can too long beard may also break the look.

6. Yeard Beard Style:

The yeard beard style is created by full year of continuous beard growth without any interruptions. It is grown with shaving or unnecessary trimming in the time span of 12 month. Yeard Beard style is much longer and fuller compared to other long beard styles. It takes time, commitment and smart grooming practice to achieve this style. Yeard Beard is definitely worth the patience!

Short Beard Styles-

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