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15 Beard Styles That Will Turn Men Into Rugged Gentlemen

Best Beard Style- French Beard, Verdi Beard, Ducktail Beard, Bandholz Beard, Etc

Short Beard Styles-

1. Stubble Beard Style:

Stubble beard style is basically the facial hairs that are been shaved off but grows a bit in few days. It is not fully grown beard that’s the reason it falls under this beard style category. It is easy to take care of stubble beard on daily basis before the full beard is grown. Men who don’t like shaving too often can go for thick and full layer of stubble. If one wants the stubble to be short and light it needs to be trimmed regularly. Men can also give the stubble beard any shape according to the face shape.

2. Soul Patch Beard Style:

Soul patch beard style is a small amount of facial hair above chin and below the lower lip. It is also known as ‘jazz dab’ in many countries. Soul patch beard style gives men modern as well as edgy look without any extra efforts. It can range from small area to big depending upon ones preferences. Soul patch beard style can be paired with goatee beard, sideburns or chin strap beard. Few years ago it was one of the trendiest beard styles, which has now made a stunning comeback.

3. French Beard Style:

French Beard style is a beard style that encircles the mouth. It got its name as the style got popularized in France in the initial period. French beard style is also known as Van Dyke Beard. It looks great without putting in efforts and also maintaining it is very easy. It is basically like some facial hair in the goatee beard style which is discontinued to mustache. French beard style was trendy during the 19th and 20th century yet till-date it has managed to stay in trend.

4. Goatee Beard Style:

Goatee beard style is a beard style where the facial hair are at chin and not on the cheeks. It is similar to French beard but unique in its own way. It is formed by the tuft of facial hair on the chin. Men can go for variety of styles like – goatee beard without mustache, with mustache, full goatee beard, thin moustache goatee beard, landing strip goatee beard or anchor beard style. At first trimming this style will be a bit messy but with regular trimming and practice it can be done neatly and perfectly.

5. Anchor Beard Style:

As the name itself suggests it’s a pointed beard at the chin tracing the jawline touching the thin mustache making an illusion of the anchor shape. Men can style a combination of anchor beard style with goatee beard, chin strap beard or handle bar mustache. This beard style can be pulled off by any face shape but it looks great on men with oblong or square face shape. For this style men should be very careful while trimming it as one small mistake can break the look.

Medium Beard Style-

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