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3 Basic Braid Styles For The Man Bun – Man Bun Styles

Braids are an interesting fashion trend which is still very new to men. The basic aspect to keep in mind is that once you master the three basic braids, you can move on to try several braided styles and also master some really neat looks. Here are the three basic braids that you need to know!

1. The Classic Braid

This is your very basic three strand braid. The main purpose of this braid is to braid the end of your hair and then twist it into a bun for a literal braided man bun. This is the easiest style to master so you can easily opt for just braided ends and a twisted braided bun at a beginner level. You can also edge up your look by making three strand side braids.

2. The French Braid

This is your high fashion look with really tight inward braids that will keep your style very neat. You can opt for side braids or even front braid. This is a style that will go well for multiple braids as well. Although this style is definitely more difficult to master than the classic three strand braid, it surely leaves a much deeper impact. Also you will not require a lot of hair products like hairspray and gel to keep your hair in place because the braid will ensure the same.

3. The Dutch Braid

This is a style that is the reverse of a French braid which means that this is an inside out French braid. This style is often confused as a French braid but requires good amount of attention because it is surely the coolest of all braids. It is a style that will make your hair look more voluminous while the French braid is for a tighter and more chic look. Thus it is very important for men with fuller faces to opt for a dutch braid instead of a french braid. It is also made in the exact opposite manner as a French braid and thus if you master one, you will easily master the other as well.

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