10 Must Have Self-Care Products for Men

Every man needs these products in his life


It is the time to take care of yourself. This includes your skin as well. This has now become a part of your style statement. Along with skin care, you must also focus on hair-care and beard-care. We have some fashion favorites listed in here as well for the season.

Here is the perfect and wholesome list for every man..

1. Hair oil/gel/wax

Hair is a big deal all round the year. Styles may change as per season and fashion but the basic product required for any style, more or less, remain constant. Hair oil is for hair nourishment. You definitely do not want to use the same for styling and step out in the heat. Hair cream and wax can be used for styling purposes. But it will be advisable to avoid too much use of the same as the heat can definitely ruin your style. In fact this season is all about lighter styles like fade, undercut, army cut and man buns. It is all about relaxed laid back styles. You would not want to sweat out the hair wax onto your face!

Hairstyle for men to try

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2. Beard and mustache oil/wax/cream

So as you have options for hair, same applies for beard care with one small difference, beard oil is okay for an ‘out in the sun’ day also. You will apply only a few drops and it will only be for nourishment. If you want to style your beard then cream or wax will work better. Wax is stronger so if you have a nice full beard and wish to opt for a stiff style then you may use wax. However this season does not really call for the stiff styles and over-setting beards. Laid back and casual is the way to go. You have to keep it light especially if the day planned is hectic and out in the sun. It will get sweaty and itchy, not to forget, irritating! This season is about clean shaven and stubble looks but you may obviously pick a style you are more comfortable with. Lighter beard is in trend only because of the extreme heat.

Beard Wax for men

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3. Beard and mustache comb

One element that is pretty much left our or ignored is the comb/brush for your beard and/or mustache. So the first thing to keep in mind is that do not use your hair comb or brush for you beard and mustache. It is hot, you sweat, the scalp is messier than face. This is absolutely unhygienic and bad for the skin. It will leave your skin is a bad shape. If possible, do not even mix the mustache comb with beard. In fact a pro tip here will be to use a mustache comb and beard brush, especially if you grow out your beard a bit. This is the most cost-effective method. Also you must clean your comb/beard or both at least once to twice a week if not more

4. Sun-block/Sun protect cream

It is sunny, hot and polluted. The harmful polluted air along with harmful UV rays of the sun is not really doing you any good. So you need protection. Skin is very delicate, especially the face. You will start breaking out immediately. Wrinkles, pigmentation are other such long term effects of exposure to sun. Sun protect cream is very much vital for the face and is usually missing from the daily routine of most guys out there. There is a reason women always look fresh, healthy and flawless – they take good care of their skin!
You do have a lot of options for skin care products for men so make sure you use the proper sun block. You need one that is not water soluble/water based as that will sweat out in the heat. And do not forget your ears. Most men apply the lotion only on the face and forget the ears. They as exposed as well.

5. Body lotion/oil

You must protect your face but at the same time also the other parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun! So legs if you wear shorts, arms if you wear short sleeves or fold up your sleeves etc. In fact you can use the body lotion even for the neck. Based on whether this is a daytime or night time lotion, you must pick the right one. For the daytime you need a specific summer lotion that will not sweat out in the heat. Like the face cream, it must not be water soluble. However, for the night lotion, it will be good to opt for a hydrating lotion. After a full day of out in the sun, your skin gets dried up. So hydration will be good. There is no fear of sweating it out either as you will be in the comfort of your home. And yes, there is something like a night time lotion. It also helps get good sleep! Keeps your skin young and fresh. If the weather is in your favour and your skin is very stable, the same lotion will work for day and night. Use a standard lotion which does not specifically mention what time of the day it is useful for.

Body lotion for men

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6. Beard kit

Beard kit will also be used for hair-styling if you style your hair by yourself. Also, it will be used as your mustache kit. Now this sharing is great as long as you keep all your products clean and wash them regularly. This kit should contain your trimmer, razor, shaver, scissors, shaving gel/foam/cream, comb, hairbrush (this will not be common for beard, mustache and hair as mentioned above), band aid, cotton, pocket sized perfume and any other product that you may consider necessary to maintain your hair, beard and mustache. Your styling gel, wax, cream, oil will also form a part of this kit.

7. Face wash

It is hot and gets really sweaty. Face wash is a good way to keep your face clean and keep you fresh! It will instantly clear up your face from all the dust, pollution and give your face a clean glow. It will also keep your skin clean and your pores happy. You must not over use a face wash. You may use a face scrub to exfoliate and nourish your skin at night, citrus-ey face wash for the morning freshness and a mild face wash for afternoon washes that might be required on difficult outdoor days. You can also use face wipes/wet wipes instead of face wash for middle of the day freshness. Use Aloe Vera or cucumber based ones as they are perfect for summer!

8. Hat

It will protect you from the sun and make you look FANTASTIC! Fedora’s have made a gigantic comeback this season and everyone is wearing hats. It is also great to protect your head from the heat and looks pretty cool! You look mature, strong, mysterious and formidable! Especially with a blazer, hats are a must! Fedora will go well even with suits. It is infact a pretty neat and trending style this season.

9. Perfume/Cologne

You have quiet a few options when it comes to perfumes and body scents. We have a whole article about fragrances which will help you understand what is the difference between a cologne and a perfume and a perfume and eau de perfume. Also what exactly is eau de toilette?
What you must know is that you need to invest in a good quality perfume that not only lasts long but does not damage your fabric. Summer is about lighter fabrics so bad quality scent can ruin your clothes!
Light and earthy scents like wood and sea are good options. You need not use a very strong perfume and half a bottle of it! Only enough to get a whiff from proximity. No need to have an ‘in your face’ fragrance. Also, test the fragrance on your skin and you must never rub it! That is bad practice. Let it sit on your skin when sprayed on. Every fragrance shows up differently on different persons as it combines with your body smell. So chose one that smells good on your skin.

10. Sunglasses

This season is big on sunglasses, obviously. They look cool and protect your eyes from the sun. So this is a win-win situation. Invest in a good brand and good pair of sunglasses hat will last you for years! But you can also buy cooler shades like red and yellow lenses or geometric shapes. However these are in trend currently, so it is advisable not to burn your pocket for bright yellow shades, they may be out of style next season.
Also, buy sunglasses that arch around the edges so that your eye is completely covered. The sides should not be exposed to sun rays. Direct sun rays in your eyes can damage your eyes and compromise your vision.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you must also invest in a smart bag/messenger bag or briefcase or any bag of your choice and/or convenience, handkerchief, fresh wipes, sanitizer.