What Not To Wear To An Interview- 10 Things to Avoid!

Here’s your guide on What Not to Wear for an Interview!

Whether it’s your first job interview or your dream job interview. Every interview is important. And knowing,what not to wear to an interview is important too. You wowed them with your resume and now it’s time to impress them with your personality.Your clothes play an important part in showcasing who and what you are.The moment you enter the room, the first thing people see is your clothes or the way you dress up. This is your first impression so you have make a good and long-lasting one.

You don’t want to be over or under dressed,right? So do some sleuthing before going for the interview. Understand the type of the company, it’s location,work culture,dress code and other things.This little research will help you a lot and definitely make things more simpler for you.

If you’re going for a corporate or banking job, then a more formal look is expected. But a job in a startup company may ask for a more casual but decent look. In both cases, there are certain things that should be avoided without a doubt.

We know how important this job is for you and we definitely don’t want you to lose an amazing opportunity. We want you to leave a very strong and long lasting impression but only for the right reasons. So to help you out we’ve curated a list of 10 Things That You Should Avoid Wearing To An Interview. Here’s all you need to know…

What Not to Wear to An Interview?

  • Suit or No Suit

There was a time when the Suit was the ultimate uniform for interviews. And dressing up for an interview was not really that hard. Because you already knew that wearing a Suit is the perfect choice and suits can never go wrong. However, time has changed and today you have a choice- to wear or not to wear a suit. Like we already said, if it’s corporate company or a bank then wearing a suit is a good idea.Don’t forget to match you belt to your shoes. And if it’s a start-up or a tech job then a shirt, trousers and a blazer will work too.

  • Bright Colors

Wearing too bright or poppy colors is a big NO.Yellow, Green, Purple, Red, Neon just NO. You are here to seek attention but not distract the interviewer,right? Too many bright colors may cause distraction and this can have a negative impact.

Subtle and sober colors are always pleasing. Choose colors such as navy blue, grey or brown. Play safe and don’t give them any chance of distraction. Remember, it should be you, who attracts the attention and not the colors.

  • Bold Prints

Feeling too floral? You better feel that on the beach! Bold and loud prints are always too eye-catching. And mind you this is not the right place to seek that sort of attention. Your big prints might confuse the interviewer and he might just start imagining himself on the beach( lol, just kidding). But hey, if you don’t like the plain and basic then go for micro prints and stripes. Stripes are always the best option so more power to them. But please,NO FLORALS, NO CARTOONS AND NO DOODLES okay?

Floral Printed Shirt- What Not To Wear to An Interview

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  • Bow Tie or Funky Tie

Want to wear a Tie? YES, go for it! But a bow tie or funky tie? NO! This is not a wedding or a party. This is your interview, your job interview.They are not looking for some party animal instead they want someone who can work with them and add to the success of their company. They are looking for someone more responsible and more serious and wearing a bow tie or funky tie may just give them a wrong idea of you.

  • Ripped Denims

Wearing Denims is fine.But wearing ripped denims is just not fine! Don’t evenĀ  think of wearing them.Something torn or ripped is not going to be liked by anyone and that’s for obvious reasons.We know you need that job but not so bad right? So wear denims but a nice dark colored one’s and pair it up with a nicely ironed shirt probably in a lighter shade.

Ripped Denims- What Not To Wear to An Interview

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What Not to Wear to An Interview?

  • Graphic Tees

No graphic tees, its a total fashion faux pas. It takes too much attention away from you and your interviewer might not like the message it carries.

  • Sneakers

We know Sneakers are cool and comfy and you love them. They also look good with the Suit. But wearing them for an interview would just be a bad idea.So avoid them.

  • Hat, Caps or Beanies

If you’re someone who is habitual to wearing hats or caps, then I’m sorry but you just can’t enter the room with a cap on. Why are you wearing the cap? Is it too sunny inside there? Or did you just have a bad haircut? No matter what reason it is, you can’t be wearing it inside the cabin. Keep your love aside for a while and put on your hat on once you’re done with the interview. Some company policies restrict them and so you got no option. Sorry!

  • Jewellery

Jewellery including anything from a ring, earring, bracelet to a chain might just create a problem for you. Some companies don’t allow certain types of jewelry so it’s better to abide by their terms and not wear them until and unless it’s actually necessary. Avoid wearing fancy watches too. Wear a watch to be on time and not for any other reason.

  • Anything that’s outdated,ill-fitted or simply uncomfortable

And lastly don’t wear anything that’s outdated, ill-fitted or uncomfortable for you. Wearing something trendy is not important but not being aware of what’s outdated will tell a lot about you, so be careful. A well fitted outfit is very very important, especially if it’s a suit. Don’t wear it if doesn’t fit you right!

And over and above everything is COMFORT! You should totally avoid wearing something that is uncomfortable. It will drop your confidence down and also distract your interviewers. And we don’t want that under any condition right?

And a few more tips for you- Groom well, cut your nails,trim your beard and hair before you go! Plan and prepare everything the night before and don’t forget to reach on time.

Now you’re all ready and set. Just keep these little things in mind!

Stay calm, confident and comfortable! Don’t forget to do a bit of research on the company because a little bit of study is always great.You never know what might help right? Good luck!