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Wear ‘Em Right – Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have a lot of personality. It is scary. You wouldn.t want to go wrong with them right? let me help you out!

  • Cowboy boots can be paired with all your denims (except baggy which you need to just get rid of) – distressed, worn out, washed, light shades etc.
  • It is most appropriate and safe to wear them with a shirt and denims. This can be the look you try on the first day.

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  • Another safe fashion is to wear them with t-shirt and denims. Your attire is simple and so you won’t look over the top. You will be able to wear them confidently.
  • Get plain cowboy boots to start with. Although patterns add not only style but also make them sturdy. But if you are not ready for patterns, just do it your way, it is more important to be comfortable because that comfort will reflect in the way you carry your boots.
  • The length of the boot is important. The part which extends beyond the ankle is called the shaft. 12” shaft is the classic western. They are very loud and not the best choice for your first cowboy boots.
  • Shorties or short shaft boots have shaft 6” in height. This is easily manageable. All you need is to be confident. They are easy to carry off with denims as well.
  • Apart from these you have buckaroo (with the highest shaft) which are not very versatile and easy to pull off.
  • The western work boots or square toe cowboy boots for men are the dressy cowboys which are the easiest choice. And this is what I would recommend to the amateur boot-ers! The length of the shaft is practical and the boots aren’t as flashy and loud. Thus very versatile and still stylish!

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  • Polished look goes well with plain fitted dark denims and with frayed and distressed or even torn, un-polished look cool.
  • Last tip is to just go for it guys. Just do. this will definitely be an experience you will always cherish.

Apart from this You also must know – Types of boots available in the market

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