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Types Of Loafers Every Man Must Know

Loafers are the ultimate stylish footwear for men that offer comfort and high fashion! They are in trend currently and so here I am to guide you into making perfect fashion decisions for your loafers. They are very versatile and can be worn as casual or formal wear. Whether on a date or out with friends or at work, you can rock these babies! So here is a list of top three types of loafers with some important tips!

1. Penny Loafers

Let’s start off with the most stylish of loafers- the penny loafer. They are characterized as simple most basic slip-ons. No bling no jazz but absolute style and class. Yes these loafers are most suitable for an office environment with your formal wear. Also you ought to do justice to them by wearing a dark shade of socks matching your suit / coat / jacket. Obviously pennies look best in leather but suede looks good too. It is best to avoid a penny in canvas.

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2. Tassel Loafers

Tassel means the small tassels that are literally attached to the shoe. No! There’s nothing feminine about them. Tassels look best in suede and my least favourite is leather tassels because let’s face it they aren’t really tassels! Okay now the important thing to remember here is that you must pair them up with chinos. They look absolutely gorgeous. As for socks, well this is a very versatile option. If you wish you can wear socks and no if you don’t. But remember lighter shades of socks for casual look and darker for a more formal look.

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3. Horse-bit Loafers

Horse-bit loafer have been talk of the town from the day they entered fashion world. Reason being the gold adds a refined and sophisticated look. Can be worn formally, semi-formally and casually. Look really good for parties and specially dates. Guys, wear these with a nice sports jacket on a date! Please try it! And as for socks, well you can wear them for a formal look but these look really good without socks. And if you pair them up with chinos make sure to roll your chinos so that your loafers are the centre of attention!


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