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Real Men DO Wear GLOVES

With age comes wisdom and yes folks, real men DO wear GLOVES:

They are one of the most overlooked fashion accessories. Wearing gloves gives an outfit an element of sophistication. They can enhance your overall looks and style. A man gives the message of power,  sophistication and commonsense when he wears them. You can tell a lot by the look of his hands.

Keep some general rules in your mind while dealing with gloves:

  • Make sure they’re a snug fit
  • Choose a good quality, soft leather.
  • Natural fabrics allow the hands to ‘breathe.’
  • Driving gloves are for driving in.
  • Let leather ones dry naturally, do not be tempted to put them on the radiator!
  • If they get soiled take them to a dry cleaner. Do not put them in the washing machine.
  • Match the gloves to your outerwear or go for a bright statement pair, but try to match it with another accessory for a cohesive look.

Stick them in your top pocket, so you don’t lose them. Be Practical and stylish.Woolen ones are versatile in warmth and style. Leather will give your suit an expensive look. Make sure your hands fit in well. Get your hands into the studded leather glove, it could be the start of a new image for you.

If your struggling with deciding on a colour, then your best bets lie with black or grey – versatile, understated, sophosticated. Colour depends how often you will use them, what/where are they for, what style you are going for. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and reach for those rich reds, oranges and blues.

The various styles of gloves are :

Silk Lined Leather Gloves –  100% real silk feel smooth and comfortable.

Sheepskin Lined Leather Gloves –  Traditional men’s glove

Leather Driving Glove – Designed to improve your driving comfort.

Wool gloves – Make sure they feel soft and are double wool lined to keep you warm.

Don’t ignore your hands, get a pair of these and you are sure to hanker after their warmth and, of course, style!


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