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Sneak Inside People’s Heart With These Sneaky Sneakers

Sneakers are your CLEVER shoes guys, it is very difficult to go wrong with a pair of these and they are hands down the most versatile of the lot!

Okay so let me start with the most important thing that you need to know, how to identify a sneaker? Pretty stupid question, right? But trust me, this might shock you a bit. Any shoes with a sneaker base (the white strip) are called a sneaker. So the top can be canvas, leather or just any material but so long as you have your sneaker base that is it!

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This brings us to the next important point, Sneakers are NOT the same as your running or gym shoes! Then how to differentiate one from the other? Your running shoes or gym shoes are usually brighter and have a fat soul as compared to your sneakers. Also, the feel of the shoes should help you out. Running shoes are softer for extra comfort while these are tough and durable for daily activities.

But the real question is, Why do guys need sneakers? Well, one real good reason is that girls get attracted to men that look sporty. But you cannot possibly wear your work out shoes to a beach or for a lunch, right? If you do, Please stop! Buy yourself a pair of really classy sneakers. And another reason would obviously be the comfort and convenience. Sneakers are a ‘no-brainer’! Just pair them up with any outfit and you are good to go!

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Tag a friend of yours who wears running shoes as casual! Please create awareness guys!


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