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4 Types Of Cufflinks You Should Have Known Yesterday!

The most common types of cufflinks used today is the ‘double panel’ cufflink. This consists of two small discs connected by either a bar or short chain. There are technically several other types too that are distinguished by their fastening style –

Bullet Back Cufflinks

One of the most common types, these cufflinks come with bullet or capsule like shape, which makes them swivel up to 360 degrees. Most commonly used by groomsmen as wedding cufflinks, these accessories are easy to use and perfect for almost every occasion.

Whole back closure-

Similar to bullet backs, but they rotate through 180 degrees.

Chain Link Cufflinks

If you are looking for wedding cufflinks for the groom, these are the cufflinks to invest upon. They come with a connected chain, which can be used with a latch look. The design is somewhat classic and features fixed backing as well. Plus, they can be used back and forth, making them perfect for complementing a variety of ensembles.

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Silk Knot

Made of yarn or silk, these cufflinks are more like designer buttons. They come with beautiful designs and are available in a variety of colors to match different attires. Recommended for non-formal events.Remember, silk knots are like intern cufflinks, bullet-back are like executive cufflinks and unique, distinctive designs are like the boss cufflinks.

There are very few rules when it comes to Types of Cufflinks, although there is a certain amount of etiquette that is common to any other fashion accessory. Firstly and most importantly, if you want a style that will go with anything, silver cufflinks are the best choice. Gold can sometimes look out of place with certain colours and styles, plus silver is generally considered to be the more modern and stylish of the two.

Finally, choose a Types of Cufflinks that you like! There is no point in buying a pair of cufflinks that you don’t want to wear more than once.  Style a cufflink like a boss!  Good luck! Do share the link on whatsapp with just one click!


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