3 Footwear Styles Men Need For Summer 2020

We are all victim to smelly feet and sweaty legs, we all hate the closeted feet on a hot summer’s day and the discomfort is nerve wrecking. Here is how you can make your feet summer ready!

Here are 3 Summer Ready Footwear All Men Must Wear Before They Fry!

1) Sandals/Flip Flops

These are the ultimate fashion statement for the summer. Gone are the days when your basic flip slops or your basic sandals are all you needed. Fashion has undergone a whirlwind of transformations and your regular sandals as well as flip-flops have been elevated and escalated as a fashion icon. You have several styles like gladiators, gladiator tie-ups, strappy, leather, ropes and the list is endless. Even your everyday flip-flops come in several shades and prints. They are as much a style statement as your attire or sunglasses!

2) Formal shoes

Yea there is nothing much that can be done in this department. Formal attire is hard as is in this heat and the shoes make it all the more worse. You however have the option to switch to suede or even canvas. They resemble formal brogues to such an extent that it is difficult to identify the fabric as anything but leather. Sure these are not okay for important meetings but you can easily pass them off on any regular work day!

3) Canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are bold and beautiful. They can be as creative as you wish them to be and actually help define you! They are a style icon and also a style statement. On the hot sunny days, these babies protect your feet from the heat and also contain the stink inside the footwear itself. They also don’t hold the stink in once the feet are out so just a bit of drying in the balcony in the natural sunlight and you are good to go.

These foot wears are great to beat the heat in the most fashionable manner. It is important to be comfortable as well as sun ready to protect your feet from blistering as well as stinking!


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