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Heave Ho! All You Need To Know About Boat Shoes

Heave Ho! What You Should Know About The Boat Shoes!

So, boat shoes are basically the cool all-weather sailor shoes which are totally HOT in fashion at present! They are all-season, except in winters to avoid cold feet you may prefer boots! Extremely versatile and durable too. It is very difficult to go wrong with a pair of boat shoes. But if you wish to stand out, read on!

Boat shoes are not exactly formal, but in a casual office environment they are a much better option than sandals or sneakers. This is because boat shoes fit right between casual and formals. Do you realise what this means? They are the perfect date and “hanging out with friends” shoes! They make you look sport and more importantly, like you care about your appearance!

One important fashion tip is to fold your bottoms when you wear boat shoes – chinos, denims, pants and even your shorts. Consider one fold as a neon sign that pushes the attention right at the bottom i.e. your boats! This is a very neat trick and works EACH AND EVERY TIME!

Now we come to the socks. Now this has been a very debatable topic ever since boat shoes came out in fashion. This is because, they are sailor shoes, sailors cannot wear sock that will just get wet and irritate their feet! When you pair them up with shorts, just don’t. (I understand you are worried about stinky feet) Of course with denims and chinos, you may. Don’t go too crazy with either your boats or your socks. Just keep it in one solid color – Shades of dark blue, tan and black for your boots and again darker socks to match. Socks are preferred by people who tend to get blisters in leather shoes. Again there are ways to avoid that too along with stinky feet.

Let me know in the comments below if you need quick tips to solve both problems in an easy way!


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