The Fashion Faux Pas – Sandals

Sandals are the most comfortable summer shoes for men. They are much more breathable than loafers or boat shoes and also a notch higher than your flip-flops. But they are always on the edge. A small mistake and you can easily slide over to the “fashion disaster” tag. So let me explain you guys a bit more about sandals!

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Sandals are really comfortable and versatile footwear for men. They provide some firmness and style that flip-flops don’t and a definite breathing space that is absent in any other pair of footwear. They are the basic summer wear. It is important to keep in mind that sandals are not appropriate for adventure sports, partying, dates or office. They are your essential pair of casual wear which gets out of your closet in summers to make your life comfortable.

There are a wide range of sandals in different styles. Of course the styles include varied strap styles. The more unique your sandal is, the more attention it grabs. Try more unique strap styles and also different strap sizes from slim to wide. Apart from the patterns, it is important to concentrate on the color of your sandal. They can be shades of brown, tan or blacks. Although men’s footwear looks best in black and are also the safest, in case of sandals, its best to go brown! This is because sandals are casual footwear. You cannot wear them to work or a party. So you do not need black.

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Also, brown is definitely more versatile. When it comes to which sandal you should buy? I will say please invest in a pair of leather sandals. Important reason being, leather kills the stink. Also it gives sandals a much more refined and masculine look. Leather makes you look mature and classy!


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