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Yeehaw!! Giddy Up For Them Cowboy Boots!

Cowboys boots are the coolest thing on the planet right alongside leather jacket and Harley Davidson! But they are not really seen much around right? That is because you need real confidence to buy them. Because cowboy boots have so much personality that it becomes difficult to match up and make this decision. But it’s easier than you think. Specially because they are not common. The thing about fashion is you should be different, unique. Have your own identity. And these boots help you with that. And I will help you ensure that you do it right!

Let us understand these boots first. They originate in the west where the deserts are too hot and the cold is freezing. Any other variety of shoes gave up and then the cowboy boots were designed – tough, sturdy, functional and high fashion. The designs and patterns on cowboys presumed to be just fashion are a lot more. They provide extra sturdiness to the boot. They make a boot stronger than what they already are. These boots are just smart fashion.

Boots do not have laces. Do you know why? Because the lace could get entangled while horse-riding. Also boots often have holes or straps attached at the top. Well these holes are for you to insert your finger in and pull your boot up. The straps also known as pull straps serve the same purpose. So although they look really cool, the purpose is utility and not fashion. Fashion is just a coincidence. A beautiful coincidence that is.

Cowboy boots always have heels. As a design rule. And therefore it’s ideal for shorter guys who are insecure about their height! No other solution is as full-proof.

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