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7 Ways Winter Boots Will Help You From Getting Cold Feet

Winter boots are a necessarily to protect your feet from the cold weather. Also, if it snows, you cannot wear your regular shoes. You will just end up falling flat on your face. Considering it doesn’t snow where you live, I’m sure you would need a pair for trips or even to beat the cold winds! You cannot expect a sock to protect you. And a sock doesn’t go well with every attire! Specially if you are having an all-casual day! So basically, you need winter boots. They are warm and furry. Protect your feet and give you comfort.

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1. Leather sole cannot handle the wet snow with salt and you will just trip. Winter boots have soles with extra friction and usually a rubber sole.

2. Your shoes do not usually cover your ankles. That part of your body is left at the mercy of cold winds. Boots do. And winter boots really do, with insulation!

3.Leather winter ones have sturdy leather that not only lasts long but also doesn’t get damaged in snow. Just remember to use water-based polish when you polish them!

4. The heel attached to winter boots is not only for boosting your height. This additional part is usually rubber and is attached or sewed on over your actual sole to make sure that the sole doesn’t come in contact with the snow directly and get ruined. It adds extra protection. Along with height and friction! However make sure you get your shoes re-soled whenever they wear out or you will slip and hurt yourself!

5. Winter boots are high fashion. They are smart and charismatic. They grab a lot of attention. You need not wear socks and do not require any type of leg-warmers!

6. You can wear your rusty favourite pair of cool denims without any restrictions! I believe that winter boots with denims is the way to be! You can live in them!

7. The obvious pairing option will be shirts and denims. Add on a nice warm scarf. This look works best. If it’s too cold don’t hesitate to opt for a sports or leather jacket look. Try sweaters and waistcoats too. Boots look great with waist-coats! The purpose is to be comfortable and that will reflect in your attire!


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