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A Complete Guide For Your Canvas Shoes

Toms, Converse, Vans, Mast & Harbour – heard about these brands before? Own a pair but don’t know how to style it right? Looking to buy a new pair but not sure what is trending? Let me help you out with your decisions regarding canvas shoes.

Canvas shoes are often considered as casual footwear for daily use and college boys. This is because they are comfortable, look casual, don’t cost as much and can handle being beat up in any weather! But trust me, there are many more ways to style your canvas and grab the spotlight! It is not for college boys only! First let me discuss what is currently trending in the world of canvas!

Canvas are extremely comfortable shoes for men that suit your casual outfits but also your semi-formal look! There are several new varieties like slip-ons, oxford, desert shoes etc. These shoes provide you with the comfort of canvas and appearance of the shoe variety that they represent. I mean, these shoes got to me. I literally did not realize that the oxford was actually made out of canvas. They looked pretty legit to me! And I was in fact wondering why the model paired his oxford with a casual look!

Canvas has literally saved men from all their shoe troubles! You can now pair them with denims or shorts. But you know canvas with chinos is by far the best combination that I have seen! You can literally match your chinos with your favorite pair of canvas and look like fire on ice!

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