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DIY – Give Your Canvas A Stylish Makeover

Na-uh this is not a painting lesson guys! I really want to emphasize on the importance of customizing your canvas shoes! These are the only customizable shoe option that men have! If you want to look unique, if you want to get trendy and grab some spotlight, please read on!

Okay so I know you guys have seen the galaxy painted canvas and they do look gorgeous but I think it is time to get a bit more creative with your shoes. Get batman on your shoes! Try some stars! Put on some random splatters of colors to your shoes! Make it artistic! Make it cool! If this is too loud for you, just dye your shoes at home.

Here is how you can dye your shoes right –

You will need a good quality dye. I suggest Rit. Canvas shoes, scotch tape, stampers and water.

  1. Boil about two gallons of water in a pot and remove 2 cups for the dye. Add one cup of salt to rest of the boiling water and leave it on the stove. But turn off your gas once the salt mixes in.
  2. In the 2cups kept away, add your dye powder and mix it well. Add this to your boiling pot and stir well.
  3. Tape the parts of your shoes that you do not want to dye. You can use a paper cutter for specific shapes.
  4. Wet your canvas shoes in hot water to make sure that the dye spreads evenly and place them in the pot of boiling liquid. Keep it for about 30-40 minutes depending on the color that you like. Let it sun dry and then you are ready to go.
  5. In case you wish to add more detail to your shoes, Tape them again in areas where you do not wish to spill the paint. Use any stamper of your choice and liquid dye of your choice to add more bling to your shoes!

Good luck! Hashtag your creations with #TheUnstitchd and you may be featured on our social network!

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