5 Tips For Your Shoes To Beat The Rains

beat the rain with our tips

Hey guys! Monsoon is here and as we all know that it is the messiest weather in India. The roads are marshy, rains are heavy and it’s just generally wet everywhere. Monsoon is also not really the best season for your expensive shoes and so here I am to help you guys out with such hacks that will save your footwear from this downpour!

1. Shoes get really squeaky due to water and so to get read of squeaks every time you walk here’s a great tip – sprinkle some baby powder inside your shoes. This will effectively mute the squeaking.

2. Footwear gets really stinky during rains. And even otherwise, no matter how clean you are, your shoes will start stinking eventually. Keep dry tea bags in your shoes overnight. This will absorb the bad smell. Trust me this works so well! (P.S. Don’t use honey flavored!) You can also stuff some dry newspaper in your shoes and keep them overnight. The newspaper will absorb the bad smell.

3. Your shoes often get really tight or uncomfortable as it’s completely drenched. In this case what you can do is wear your shoes with socks and then use a hair drier over your shoes for about 10 minutes. (P.S. make sure the heat is not damaging your shoes. If it is then avoid this hack.)

4. Canvas shoes get really muddy. Make a paste using baking soda and detergent. Use an old tooth brush to brush your shoes clean with this paste.

5. Leather shoes often get water stains. Spray a mixture of vinegar and cold water on your water stains. (Do not rub. Just spray.)

I hope my hacks help save your shoes and do stay in touch for several other cool hacks!


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