3 Must Have Monsoon Accessories Every Man Should Own!

Monsoon Accessories – You Should Not Miss

We’ve had a chain of blog on monsoon and here’s probably our last one on monsoon- The monsoon accessories. It’s raining and you step out your home with a fear of loss, loss of your expensive accessories that get wet in the rains and rust for the life in your wardrobe. Eventually, your expensive accessories turn to be an expensive memory and mourn for. Be smarter and go all waterproof. Don’t take any chances to get your prized possessions to get along with rains and leave you regrets. You didn’t pay for the accessories to offer them to the rains. You bought them to wear it and use it.

1. If it’s not waterproof, keep it at home

If your accessory is not waterproof, let it rest at home and wait for the summer to come. Let it be at home until it’s time for it to say – winter is coming! But no getting them out in the rains. Keep every expensive thing away from the rains. If it’s extremely necessary, buy a cover for it.

2. Waterproof Your Wallet, Shoes & Phone

Wallet – waterproof. Shoes – waterproof (rub wax on it.) Phone- buy a cover for your phone, a good cover for it to stay longer.

3. Bags

It’s monsoon and it’s quite obvious you’re carrying your bag to stash everything in. You don’t want any of your accessories to get in touch with the rains so you protect them with a major accessory – The bag! Make sure it’s waterproof and has a handle. A long handle helps you to hang it on your shoulder and that also keeps both the hands free. It might be easy for you to carry umbrella in one hand and a packet of hot bhajiyas in the other while you walk to your lane.

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Waterproof all your accessories!

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