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Ahoy! It’s the Boat Shoes!

The most important thing that you need to understand about boat shoes is that they get their name from the original purpose for the shoe! They are the lifeline of boatmen. The design is customized to suit the sea weather and wear and tear on the boat! But as we all know, fashion is all about expanding your horizons and thus boat shoes have now become a huge fashion trend in the market. You don’t have to own a boat to look cool anymore! Just buy these shoes :P

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Let me start with the features of these shoes. The shoes can be either leather or canvas. They have rubber soles. The soles have siping patterns which mean criss-cross slits (in a layman’s term).  This was made to ensure that the sailor gets grip on the wet decks. However, it has proved to provide really excellent grip for almost any activity!

Now they essentially look like your regular oxfords with a broader front and the obvious difference of texture. But the really interesting thing about them is that they are not made of the shiny leather which gets damaged in water. Well, they are in fact made with specific types of leather coated with oil. This oil ensures that the leather remains undamaged even in water. This was initially a necessity for sailors but has now become the life saviour for rains!

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Boat shoes are definitely a must have for every man as they are practically all weather shoes (except if it is too cold you need boots). They are versatile as they look really cool with shorts, denims and chinos. Plus they have an edgy sporty look with a really cool history of origin to brag about, right? Definitely a conversation starter!

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