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Buying Guide For Perfect Pair Of Boots

We love wearing boots. They are fun, elegant and pretty cool. They are also tough sturdy and pretty much all-weather except for summers. It can get hot in summers! Although it is hard to go wrong with these, there are some things which should be kept in mind to make sure you don’t end up just ruining the look! These tips are easy and affordable! Read on! Don’t forget to check out thursday president boot review for more ideas.

1. Okay so the biggest benefit is that you get a bit of height because they have small heels. But remember to not go overboard with this! Don’t wear chunky boot with fat heels and fat sole! That is just a major disaster. You will definitely grab attention but for all the wrong reasons.

2. There are categories like winter boots for cold regions, cowboy boots are fancier, functional boots like combat or hiking ones cannot be worn for a date. So basically you need to follow the function that each boot carries. If you wish to own just one pair, get cold weather boots if you are in cold regions or get some basic chukka or dress boots. They are a good start and go well with almost every outfit.

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3. Do not go too crazy with your boots. No multiple rainbow colors and excessive patterns over it.They are in itself a fashion statement so you do not have to go overboard and spoil the look!

4. Do not ignore your soles! They have really sturdy soles that provide good friction. However, over the years the sole may get damaged due to wear and tear. In this case make sure you resole! This is a very important thing to remember. Most people ignore it and then the shoe is just irreparably damaged or worse, makes you trip!

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5. Do not buy cheap ones! Boots last almost a decade or two without much maintenance cost. Thus, invest in a good pair. A cheap pair will wear out in just two to three years. Also, a good brand will provide you with regular resoling and polishing services. Do not use any polish for the leather boots. If they are water resistant leather, use water based polish and conditioner. Do condition them regularly. It keeps them as good as new!


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