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5 Flip Flop Styles that will Probably make you Flip!

Flip flop is super comfortable and casual. They are great for a daily routine life. Yea they sure cannot take over your work place but they are surely great for a beach day, pool day, casual day out with pals and just your grocery day. They are fun and casual. There are several styles of flip flops and let’s get on with it!

1) The strappy leather flip-flops

This style is basically a sandal style but is very well used as a flip flop as well. They are elegant and yet cool. These ones are eye catchers. they go well for your dressed up casual outfit and even for beach day dates. They complement your shorts more than your denims and a shirt is just great to complete the look.


2) The basic flip-flops

These are the ones we all know about. You all own a pair and they are just the convenience footwear that ensures your feet don’t get dirty on your way to the grocery store. You cannot wear these out at all other than for chores. But that does not mean you do not make any efforts at all. A nice bright color with some strong pattern won’t hurt you because these babies are back in Paris fashion week.

3) The gladiator tie-ups

These are as masculine as sandals can possibly get. They are names gladiators after all! This is a very strong fashion statement in the most casual manner possible. Leather is a great fabric for this style and they go really well with shorts as well as fitted denims. These go for a more casual yet dressed up style and can be flaunted out even with friends or on dates.

4) The thick strappers!

This is essentially a more mature and adult version of your basic flip-flop. It is a leather sandal with thick straps for more support. It also adds more character and maturity to your footwear. They should not be worn with shorts as it is a great style with denims. Do not go wild with this footwear. keep it in simple strong colors.

5) The trend setters

This last slot is for the ultra-modern man who loves to experiment with fashion. This slot is for your freedom to go bold and do you! The best fashion tip is to follow your heart and wear what is most comfortable to your skin. It can be a multiple mix of various styles or a new style of its own. Flip-flops or sandals have undergone a huge transformation and there is always scope for a new style to get into fashion!

These are comfortable footwear that need not be uptight. They may or may not be polished but make sure your feet are clean as that is the clear sight through these.


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