5 Winter Lookbook

LookBook For Men – Winter Edition

Winter is an interesting time for fashion enthusiasts! This is because it is the only time of the year when you get to flaunt your broad shoulders or even accentuate your narrow shoulders to look broad with the help of the trendy jackets. Also it is the season of the comfortable sweaters and cardigans! It is that time of the year again and here are the top 5 looks in the Winter Lookbook this season!

Look no.1

This is the most basic winter look. Wear a pair of well fitted dark denims with a plain white t-shirt. Add a casual but beautiful colored sweater over it. Complete your look with a belt and a watch. Your feet will be comforted by boots (chukka, cowboy or ankle-length sneakers). The only important thing to remember is that your sweater must be attractive. Try mauve, wine and grey. Also coral for a lunch date will do just fine! The neck of your sweater may be as per your preference and body structure, but make sure it is not a deep-neck. That is just a weird fashion trend that needs to go.

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Look no.2

The second in the Winter Lookbook is to jazz up a bit by adding a smart bomber jacket or sports jacket over. You can also try shearling or a tweed herringbone blazer if it’s a fancy occasion! Make sure you have your basic t-shirt inside and a pair of denims replaceable by chinos to complete the look! If it is a party or a fancier occasion, try on a hat that matches your jacket or blazer! That will look neat. As for your footwear, this look is more so for a date or a party. In this case, leather shoes are preferred i.e. winged brogues or derbies. Wear a black watch with a black dial to finish off your dressed up casual look in style! Also, you may skip the hat and add a bow-tie instead. The bow-tie has been kind of a craze recently and we hope to keep up with this trend! It is surely a conversation starter. And hey, if you are a jazz, put on a hat and a bow-tie! More the merrier!

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Look no.3

This is the denim look. Your basic well fitted denim jeans with a white t-shirt and denim jacket or a denim shirt. This look can be completed with brogues or even canvas. However, ideal would be chukka or cowboy boots. It is a casual style statement! You may try this as well – Wear a denim jacket over a shirt that is over a t-shirt! Sounds too complex? Well it keeps you warm and I bet not many guys wear this combo! It’s great for really cold days.

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Look no.4

There is no winter lookbook without leather. Leather jacket and leather shoes ARE A MUST! Leather is the defining element of any look at any time of the year for any season and any occasion! It will make heads turn! You may wear a leather jacket over a t-shirt or shirt of your choice or even both!

Look no.5

The last in the Winter Lookbook is that if it’s freezing out, you should be warm. Wear a t-shirt. A sweater over it and a denim shirt or a nice warm jacket over that will look great! This look is complete with a pair of denim jeans (well fitted!) and nice boots! It is casual and warm at the same time attractive. It looks effortless and flawless.

Winter Lookbook is merely a guide to suggest some looks that will help you survive and enjoy your winter fashionably! Don’t be hesitant to try your own style!


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