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5 Reasons Why Boots Are Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Boots are sexy, they grab attention and they are like the footwear equivalent of a leather jacket! But of course I’m convincing you to buying leather ones not suede or canvas. Those are easy. I am up for some real challenge here! They are expensive, exorbitant and scary right? It’s not even too hot or too cold in most parts of India! Why do you still need them?

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1. Life-Changing

Yea I realise that this sounds too far-fetched. But it’s not. Leather ones are a lifestyle. You can literally change your entire image with them.In fact you can change your image about your own self. They boost confidence in you. Have you ever felt like ordinary? Like you are totally predictable? Here is your chance to change that and in the safest possible way. Just buy a pair of boots! Wear them to college! Wear them to an event! Wear them to a car expo!

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2. Functional

They are really functional because they are practically indestructible. You can buy hiking boots for hiking, combat onesfor adventure sport, gumboots for monsoon, winter boots for the cold and chukka boots to just look great! They can bear extreme weather conditions and environment changes!

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3. Height Boosters

For men height is really a sensitive and important factor. I understand the insecurities men with shorter height face. Unlike women you cannot even wear heels. Well boots can change that for you because boots do come with a small heel. They are comfortable and at the same time boost your height. Plus that is how they look best, with heels. Much more masculine that way. Btw did you know that originally men used to wear heels and not women? Comment below and let me know!

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4. Value for money

Boots cost a bomb! Real good quality boots do. And you need to buy good quality. Because they last you at least 2 decades! Yea I’m not even exaggerating! They are tough and really low maintenance. The only expense you might incus is in resoling. In which case the service will be offered free by good brands.Yet another reason to invest in good quality boot styles.

5. Fashion Statement

This is barely a question right? They are high fashion. They are the sexiest footwear ever designed for men. Military men wear it. And that is the coolest thing ever. ou.

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Comment below to let me know if I have successfully convinced you and share this with your friends to make a great boot-gang. That way you won’t have to face the fear of trying something all alone!



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