Men’s Style Guide – Outfits Men Can Wear To An Opera

What To Wear To An Opera?

Opera is a form of art which beautifully blends the elements of theatre, drama and music to create a cathartic, visually appealing and sensually uplifting performance. In the olden days, going to the theatre was the epitome of social life. A lot of fanfare was associated with it. The elite usually sponsored or commissioned a group to put together a show. The nobles and courtiers along with the cream of society attended the opera. It was considered a zenith of culture and good breeding since it was written and performed in Italian

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In the earlier days, going to the opera was a very formal event. There were etiquettes and codes for dressing for both men and women. Men were expected to be dressed in their formal attire: dress pants, dress shirt, dress shoes, suit jacket, formal tie or bow tie. Blazers were also frowned upon

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With changing times the etiquettes have evolved. Nowadays, barring a few places, most opera houses have relaxed their dress codes. They are more interested in getting more people involved with and appreciative towards the opera as an art form

So guys can dress in semi formal or casual attire. A good pair of denims with a clean dress shirt or a smart jacket will do the trick. Be comfortable and confident.


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