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Dressing for a Wedding Like Never Before

Wedding Style Guide – Dressing For A Wedding Like Never Before

Dressing for a Wedding

Everyone’s growing up and few of your friends are getting married too. So what to wear is a big question. Often this question is a matter just in the lives of females. But that’s untrue. Fashion is for all and when you decide on how to look fashionable, you get in a lot of confusion as to how you should be  dressing for a Wedding

Shopping for wedding takes a lot of time and eventually makes you look like you’ve done a last minute shopping while you really did put all your time in.

Wedding Outfit ideas for men

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Stunning Wedding Outfit ideas for men

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It’s your friend’s wedding and you want all eyes on you when you walk in. So here’s your treat!

 1. Don’t wear all jazz

While you wear a kurta for sangeet, make sure it is not too jazzy and makes you look like a shiny light bulb.

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2. Accessories

Men often think they don’t have much to wear with their clothes. But that’s so not true. You can add a ear ring in one ear or wear a stole on your kurta. There’s a lot in store. For more, you must weight for our blog on accessories for traditional wear.

3. Colors

You’ve been wearing black all days of the year so keep away that black sherwani. You can wear bright yellow, light blue, pastel colors for sangeet. Wear a bit darker tones in the night – Maroon, green, orange, electric blue and brown. You can choose any from these options. Cream, golden and white are classic combinations for wedding season. Make sure you don’t miss on them.

4. Neck Line

Okay, so for the ones who love long and deep necks, you can wear them. But make sure you keep other things simple when you wear a deep neck.

5. Sleeves

You can play with sleeves. Keep it long, short or somewhere between the two.


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