This Navratri Get The Perfect Traditional Look

Get The Perfect Traditional Look This Navratri!

This Navratri Get The Perfect Traditional Look

Nah, it’s not just the women that dress up, but the men too! Finding it difficult to decide you attire for the dandiya night? We help you choose from the various styles & get you navratri dressing tips for men.

The main folk dance is Dandiya Raas and Garba . The typical men attire being a colourful two piece with a turban on the head, let’s try these other styles this time.


Kediyu is a short kurta embled with mirrors and embroidery and flare at the bottom that looks dazzling when you take a turn while dancing. It opens up while dancing and the mirrors keep everyone awed. Kafni pyjamas are worn under the kediyus. These are loose, breathable and just perfect for the steaming garba steps. The attire is bright coloured, usually red.

BUT in today’s time, a simple kediyu is not enough. Invest in these other attires that will have you stand apart from the crowd.

2) The classy look

Buy a good waist jacket ( preferably of jute material) and wear it on a bright coloured kurta pyjama. You can also wear it over a dhoti, pathani salwar or jodhpuri pants, not letting the traditional look flicker. It looks simple yet very classy. Don’t forget to wear a safa on the head, of a matching or contrasting shade.

3) Dhoti Sherwani

This attire will give you a look completely different from the others. A classic embroidered Sherwani with a dhoti or dhoti style pyjama will look gleaming in the bright dandiya lights.

4) The not so traditional look

If you are less of a traditional guy but yet want to fit in and dance this is the best option. Grab on your favourite denims and top it with a long kurta or pathani. Make sure the colour is bright . And you are all set to go Dan..diya !

As fun as it is to go out dancing, it is just as much fun putting together the perfect attire for every night of navratri ! Wish you all a bright navratri !


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