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Tips To Take Care Of Your Long Hair | Guide For Men

Now, growing your hair can take quite a while. And in order to maintain the quality of the hair, it’s also imperative to keep it trimmed at all times. Yes, growing your hair long may seem like a simpler thing to do, but, in fact, is far from it.

So here are some tips to get the perfect long hair look –

A) Just let the long flocks growww:

If you want to flaunt long tresses, it’s obvious you’ve to let it grow. What’s also important is to maintain the shape and the condition of the hair, the only way to do is to take regular trips to the barber. But there’s a pickle to it, getting your haircut often can result in ends splitting, which will make the hair look wispy. So, what do you do? Use a good-quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking healthy. If it looks dry, start using leave-in conditioner to maintain the softness and the quality. Once you’ve got the perfect hair, you’re ready to style.

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B) Get the perfect cut :

One rule of thumb to remember when opting for long hair is to always have movement in your hair. The way you decide to cut your hair can help you achieve just that. For starters, ask your barber to give you a point or razor cut. This will help you avoid having harsh lines in your hairstyle and will give you a free-flowing effect. Also, avoid cutting your layers too short, it can make your hair appear too dramatic, like a mullet. And while we’re at it you must also steer clear of a full fringe. Man bun, deconstructed sides and slick finishes are some of the top favourite hairstyles in long hair.

C) Now comes the best, Styling your hair :

Styling long hair depends on your requirements and can be as easy and hard as you want it to be. You can choose to wash the hair in the evening and let it dry naturally overnight for that messy, bed-look. Or you can not wash the hair and use dry shampoo instead. You must always use a styling product like a light hair cream to make your tresses more manageable if you’ve curly or wavy hair. There are tons of styling products available in the market as per your hair type. If you’ve dry, curly hair, you can use an anti-frizz product to make it look more defined, or if you have dry, straight hair or fly-way, you can use oil, say Moroccan oil, to smooth the hair and give it shine.

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D) Highlight it or Global it , choice is yours :

Having colour applied to long hair is the new in-thing. Colour or no colour, the idea is to make your hair look healthier. What you can do is go for a semi-permanent colour, which can darken your hair or add tone.

You could highlight streaks of hair like SRK or colour them all like Ranveer Singh.


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