Outfits for Pool Party-Things you should be wearing at a Pool Party

Things you should be wearing at a Pool Party

A pool party is a fun way to chill and have some fun and nothing is more relaxing than spending a day at the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and soaking in the sun!

The perfect outfit to a pool party or a beach is knee length shorts. Avoid shorts that are too baggy or extremely tight. Go for Khaki or denim shorts and team it up with T-shirts or Tanks. Go for summer colours or grey or white. Avoid Black. It will make you hot and not the “Oh my! He so hot” but the “Global warming sucks!” kind of hot.


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If you are planning on swimming then carry swimming Trunks. If you are the kind of person that loves to experiment then try different prints and patterns and go for vibrant colours. If you are not the kind to use them after summer or you rarely use swim trunks, then it would be best to pick a solid colour.


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Accessorize with a waterproof watch, sunglasses and a hat. Also carry sun block and lotion. Do not skip on the lotion and the sun block as the sun and the pool water can damage your skin after prolonged exposure. Don’t forget to bring deodorant and face wipes. If you are planning to swim, then do bring along a large beach towel. Please don’t avoid carrying a bag. You will regret your decision. And no they are not only for girls.Guys have stuff too. Select a nice bag pack or a tote bag. It will help you carry all your stuff comfortably. If you are headed to the beach you can also carry a book and some bottled water.

To keep your feet comfortable wear slip ons or flip flops. They are great to slip in and out of especially, if you are planning to get your feet wet.

Hope you have fun!


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